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Please Donate to the Dunkirk Lighthouse Roofing Project

The total cost for the replacement of the roof, gutters, and chimneys is $91,000.  The present asphalt shingle roof will be replaced with slate to duplicate the original roof material.  The Yankee gutters will be made out of copper.  The chimneys need to be rebuilt to prevent them from continuing to leak and damage the ceilings and walls on the second floor.  The soffits and fascia need to be repaired to prevent animals from entering the attic and destroying the structure. 


We currently have raised $70,746 of the necessary funding.  One of the funding sources is a grant for $55,504.  This grant is a dollar for dollar matching grant.  Currently we have matching funds of $35,373 which allows us to use $35,373 of those funds.  The work being done to this structure has the approval of the New York State Historical Registry.  The construction crew and bids have been accepted with a start date of May1, 2013.


Make Your Donation Now - You may donate any amount you desire.

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In our ongoing mission to improve, protect, and enhance our historical museum, the lighthouse board is looking for donations to be added to the already existing funds allocated to replacing the roof, repairing the chimneys, replacing the gutters and repairing the decorative soffits and fascia on the 1875 keeper’s residence.   


As a tourist destination for thousands of visitors each year, we must continue with improvements to our buildings protecting the invaluable artifacts and displays. Please take the time to help us make our goal with your  tax deductible donation to the lighthouse roof project


Thank you for all of the help you have given us.  We look forward to your continued support.